Kitchen Sink Garbage Filter
Kitchen Sink Garbage Filter
Kitchen Sink Garbage Filter
Kitchen Sink Garbage Filter
Kitchen Sink Garbage Filter
Kitchen Sink Garbage Filter
Kitchen Sink Garbage Filter
Kitchen Sink Garbage Filter

Kitchen Sink Garbage Filter

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Are you tired of blockages in your kitchen sink? Or are the various garbage in the sink driving you crazy? We have a solution for you! This kitchen sink garbage filter is the perfect choice for your home life. 

The filter comes with a drain hole designed for easy draining. When garbage is thrown inside, you will not have to worry about blocking your sink. The self-supporting design allows the filter to stand in the sink without support making it easy and convenient to use.

You can use it to wash vegetables, filter soup and store small items like sponge and scrubber. Since it does not hold water, you can use it in the bathroom to store soap and other items to keep them dry and protect them from bacterial contamination. Due to the type of material used, this product does not stain your floor.

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  • Safety

The garbage filter is made of high-quality PVC and PP and has a thickened design. The material is clean and can be reused. This premium sink drain will help keep food particles out and keep water flowing faster into the drain with its perfect micro-perforation.  Its filtering design is clean and hygienic and you can use it repeatedly.

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  • Creative Design

This foldable filter comes with an overflow hole for drain water while keeping the kitchen clean. The filter does not have sharp edges and can be fixed to the faucet over the sink’s drain. You can easily pick up the sink strainer as it is smooth and light. The drain hole is designed to facilitate drainage and the waste is left behind so there is no need to worry about clogging the sink.

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  • Multifunction

Our product is collapsible and recyclable with a special suction cup design. You can use it to wash when you need to wash vegetables, filter soups, or store small items. It is suitable for use in the kitchen and bathroom.

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  •  Convenient and Easy to Clean

This garbage filter can be recycled which helps you save resources. The product is practical and will not stain the floor. It is perfectly designed to clear, capture, and handle debris very easily to prevent clogging. This can help to prevent domestic garbage from flowing into the river, reducing emissions, and protecting the living environment.

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  • Space Saver

Our garbage filter is small in size and comes in a space-saving design. The strainers are foldable making them stackable and easy to store. You can store them in cabinets or deep drawers without consuming much of your kitchen space.

Technical Specifications:

Color: Transparent

Size: 42 cm by 17 cm


1 x Kitchen Sink Garbage Filter